Our Offering


POS Hospitality & Retail

We have had extensive and detailed interactions with the hospitality industry in general and on back of that wisdom we were able to build comprehensive Point of Sale (POS) solutions for businesses in the hospitality and retail businesses. Our solutions encompass a wide variety of software coupled with hardware, both of which can be customised as per requirements of a given establishment/business. Our solutions are intended to be good to go from day one of implementation.


Telecommunications and Data

Many businesses require a secure and extensive network of communication running within the organisation and the outside world in general and traditional solutions are not cost effective or too fragile by security standards. We provide such solution in the form Cloud based telephone exchanges which ensure the communication between the organisation is kept secure and outside communication is done via encrypted VoIP software. Having dealt with all manner of organisations, we can confidently set up the same for any business of any shape, size or form.


CRM and Web Integration

Data is king in the modern world and any organisation would be effectively crippled if they were unable to manage their resources efficiently be it customer databases or any other sort of resource within the organisation. We provide several solutions for such situations in the form of SQL-Based or other industry relevant technologies that will help provide adequate depth and up to date management of company resources.


Audio Visual

The everyday conference is no longer limited to scribbles on whiteboard with markers repeated over and over in many corners of the same business. The beauty of everyday tech is that anyone can be connected from almost anywhere within one location. Our solutions help do just that from displays for video conferences to audio solutions for that important VoIP group conference. Be it for a small office or a large boardroom, our solutions exist for all business situations.


IT Network Infrastructure

Small to medium enterprises that are just expanding require solutions that are both cost effective yet manage to work within the scale of their enterprise. Be it server space or communication equipment. We help cater to these demands by providing a vast range of IT infrastructure solutions that look after any and all needs for SME organisations across different business environments. These solutions manage to hit the right price point while solving problems that conventional large-scale solutions solve at a higher dollar value.


CCTV Security

Leveraging our strength in IT infrastructure and cloud communication, we are also able to provide a range of security solutions that include but are not limited to modern, high definition CCTV, controlled and logged access systems (both physical and virtual). Your business premises can range from a large warehouse or a small office, we provide security infrastructure that always allows you to see and monitor authorised access.


Maintenance and Support

Our maintenance and support system are designed to be swift and responsive. Depending on the needs and nature of the business, this can be onsite or remote and is available 24×7. We have a designated Account Manager who will be your point man for all things concerned in your business and every responsibility and task is outlined clearly in our comprehensive service level agreement, which is our commitment to you and will do our utmost to fulfill.

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