Our Reseller Financial Model

Build Ongoing Recurring Revenue

Our products are widely and accepted and used all over the world. This ensures that you have a steady stream of revenue addition to your own products but without the hassles generally associated with listing and selling them.

Own Your Entire Customer Base

Your entire customer base is yours and your entirely. Our pricing structure allows you to have the freedom of running your own business and sourcing and looking after your own clients in however manner you choose. We intend to ensure that your bottom line is least affected, and we function only as a value add.

Build a Sellable Business Asset

With our products lined besides yours, your business immediately becomes extremely lucrative as an income producing asset and serves only to strengthen your own efforts and planning that you put into your business. Since our operational processes are simple and mapped out, there is a steady ebb and flow in terms of sales, allowing you to command a better bargain for your business with little effort.

World-Class System

All systems involved in our product suite are technologically robust and in current use all over the world which allows for mainstream adoption and recognition. This, in turn, helps create systems that are designed to function in a variety of scenarios and are deployable in most fields and situations.

Technology Franchise

We also have the option of providing our trusted partners a direct technology franchise of various new solutions as they emerge. These technologies are thoroughly reviewed, and profitability scenarios exhaustively formulated. The benefit of such a franchisee is the ability to leverage a wide and entirely untapped customer base and be able to compete along with several big players. This opens numerous avenues for expansion and diversification.

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