Advantages of being an ITNT reseller

Healthy Margins

Our pricing structure is simple and allows you to have a bigger share of profits without any huge outgoings and allows you manage your revenue stream in a way of your choosing.  We have both the existing product lines and profits of our  partners in mind and attempt to do most of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to selling our products.

Protection for your sales opportunities

We are here to support you in enhancing your sales and reassure you of the integrity of the process that is undertaken at our end. Any enquiry/lead initiated by our partners, belongs to them for the life of the interaction. All additional and further business from the same lead is also retained by the channel partner. Furthermore, total visibility is afforded to ensure you are in-step with all and sundry.

Channel/Sales Focus

Our focus is on the creation and enhancement of the channel partners. We get acquainted with your existing personnel and ensure their capabilities are constantly being enhanced and their product/service knowledge is exemplary. All to ensure, they are better able to spot solution opportunities.


Industry specific support

We provide all ongoing maintenance and technical support so any issues that may arise have a proper channel of recourse and resolution. In addition, all advice comes from relevant and suitable teams that have a fair amount of experience in the field and are adept at handling problems of a varied nature. Each product has its own team attached to it.

Excellent Training Resources

We extensively document and explain our products by means of an exhaustive training program as well as written documentation. We ensure that both are up to market standards by reviewing both training practices and training literature regularly. Such is always available to you and we are always reachable for any additional training that may need to be delivered or any designing custom training
processes for your business.

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