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A turtle and a tortoise may look the same and sound the same but there is literally a sea of difference between them. Businesses are unique in the same manner as well, each with its own peculiarities and mannerisms.

We, at ITNT group, are about providing solutions to businesses that recognise such subtleties. These may come in the form of readily deployable technology solutions,  underpinned with world class service, support and structure.

From Silver Chef (www.silverchef.com.au) to FED Catering Equipment, NSW (www.foodequipment.com.au), we have been providing solutions to a plethora of companies since 2015. When you partner with us, we bring to the table our vast depth and breadth of knowledge that is valuable when assessing business use-case scenarios and implementing up-to-date and modern tech infrastructure.

Our consultation team works around the idea of ‘listening in’ to the everyday ticks and chimes of your business and understanding how it can be simplified and/or improved. There are several ways in which we can do that as well. From an On-site tech audit to video conferencing, we go with you and wherever you want.

Some of the great companies we have worked with...

The modern business environment is always undergoing a metamorphosis and so is the tech powering it and the effects are felt by every business under the sun, regardless of good/services sold.  We help organisations, big or small, navigate the constantly shifting landscape and solve problems.  Sometimes even before they arise. With consumers adapting at a breakneck pace to newer solutions and channels of consumption, it is imperative that means of creation and delivery also keep up. This is true, particularly of volume-based businesses or startups that rely on a lot of traffic being directed their way.

The opportunity cost of a business not having the correct systems in place far outweighs the financial cost of implementing a relevant IT set-up. Luckily, there is no one-size-fits-all in the tech industry and every system can be tailor made like a fine suit to fit the size and proportions of a business. Finding out what works and how it works for the business is what we pride ourselves in. The beauty of a software solution that is custom built around business tasks is that it helps reduce many redundant and complex processes, (regardless of operations scale) thereby enabling owners and operators to spend time and effort into more productive outlets with fewer distractions.

Simple, proven and rugged solutions coupled with honest advice ensure that you all your business efforts are underscored by world class IT infrastructure. Our bundled as well as customized solutions will enable a greater share of wallet from your existing clientele as well as source fresh business that you may have been missing out on.

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